Can You Handle The Truth?

This week I got a post suggestion from someone to help me overcome a bit of writers block. The suggestion has made me stop and think a lot.

Is the truth better? Can we handle the truth? Is ignorance bliss?

The first question is easy for me, but it has a qualification. Yes the truth is better, but silence or sidestepping is better than unnecessary harshness. Makes sense? Let me illustrate.

Take the classic: “Does this make my bum look big?” Now, imagine you are asked this by your best friend/partner/wife at a party. She is already there, has had a heck of a time getting ready, and isn’t feeling so awesome about herself. And, the pants make her look bum look huge! Right, so truthful answer: “yes they do” is harsh, mean and too late at this point as she is already at the party. My answer would be “Stop worrying, we are here, you are amazing and your smile will charm anyone in this room” There; sometimes a bypass is better than truth.

What about from a wineries point of view? Can wineries, winemakers, vineyard managers, people who toil daily to bring you their best and greatest in a glass, can they handle your truth?

Firstly, as I said your truth. I am new to this winemaking game but I already know that taste is subjective. One person sees a certain taste as a flaw, while others look for that quality, and enjoy it. Some love dry wine, others don’t. But what about the tastes of those who affect the purchasing decisions of others. What if the wine reviewers don’t like your wine?

I am in the fortunate position that I work for a winery that gets great reviews. Some are awesome in fact. We most certainly celebrate those. Usually with a glass or two of the reviewed wine! But, as anywhere there are times that wine just doesn’t receive the rating that we feel it deserves. We discuss the reasons, we think about what else was being reviewed that day, what the tastes are of that particular reviewer. Then we move on.

I like the fact that wine reviewing, while subject to individual tastes, is all done because people have a passion for wine. They review it, drink it, cellar it, discuss it, pay huge amounts for that rare variety all because they love it. People want to love the wine that they taste. This gives wineries a certain ‘friend with wrong pants already at the party’ advantage. The reviews are coming from a good place, so the review doesn’t carry a sting.

So can we handle the truth? We can handle honest truth coming from a good place, but we all need a bit of deflection now and then.


About mountfordestate

A boutique vineyard and winery set on a hillside in a stunning park-like environment in the Waipara region of Canterbury New Zealand. Established in 1991 plantings include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. CP Lin's elegant, stylish, and unforgettable burgandian style wines have an international following.
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