Why did we start?

Lately, in an attempt to find some inspiration I have been following a few other blogs. Some about wine, some just from people with an enjoyable ‘voice’. With all of these blogs I am fascinated about one thing; why did they start? What brought them to blogging? I have been thinking about this myself (especially when I have no inspiration and I am questioning, full of self doubt, what on earth I have gotten myself into). Why did I start?

Here is why: This is not me blogging for myself. This is blogging for a business I love. I am new to this business as well. I am not the owner here, not the wine maker, not the vineyard manager. None of these talented people have the time to spare to eat at a normal hour, let alone blog, tweet, et al.

So, here I am, the anonymous blog writer here at Mountford, learning the ropes of wines tasting, absorbing the culture of the place I work for and the experience of the people I work with. And this blog is about our winery, our wines, the events we have, the everyday happenings and the amazing people that work here.

So why do we blog? This is a great way for us to remember what has happened throughout the year, the little things that take our fancy, the events that mark every year. It is also a great way to let the fans of our wine know what we do to get the best product we can to their glass. It gets new people interested in our wine and it gets the Mountford Estate name out there a bit more.

This blog is very new, still a baby. But it is very important to us and an enjoyable way of recording the daily happenings of a small vineyard and winery here in the Waipara Valley, New Zealand. If you are coming along for the journey, welcome!

So, now you know, why we started and that is this weeks blog post. Yes it is brief, but baby steps as they say.



About mountfordestate

A boutique vineyard and winery set on a hillside in a stunning park-like environment in the Waipara region of Canterbury New Zealand. Established in 1991 plantings include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. CP Lin's elegant, stylish, and unforgettable burgandian style wines have an international following.
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3 Responses to Why did we start?

  1. Baby steps are still steps, and I for one appreciate the background!

    Great post — great insights. I only hope that one day, I will be able to visit your amazing winery and partake in a glass of your blood-colored best.

    Cheers! 🙂

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