CP and The Bear Attack

Recently CP, our notorious winemaker, went on a marketing trip to America for Mountford. He spent time with our importers Infinity Wines and the trade over there. He also managed to fit in a few  interviews, such as this one with Grape Radio which I discussed earlier.

While there CP sought out some adventures, as he does! One of these exploits involved a visit to Jim’s Clendenen’s ranch, one of the owners of Au Bon Climate, or ABC as it is affectionately known. While sitting in Jim’s dining room, no doubt discussing how to solve all the ills in the world with wine, CP was attacked by a bear!

Luckily CP heroically escaped unscathed and is now back in New Zealand, caring for our precious Mountford Wines. We are glad you’re back CP. Welcome Home!


About mountfordestate

A boutique vineyard and winery set on a hillside in a stunning park-like environment in the Waipara region of Canterbury New Zealand. Established in 1991 plantings include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. CP Lin's elegant, stylish, and unforgettable burgandian style wines have an international following.
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