Matthew Dukes Wine Of The Week

Today in the Money Week publication Mountford Estate’s 2006 Pinot Noir was featured. Here is what Matthew had to say:

“Some of the world’s finest pinots come from a small, virtually unknown boutique wine region called Waipara, on the south island of New Zealand. Heroic names like Pyramid Valley, Bell Hill and Pegasus Bay are already on the Shrewdest of collectors’ lists – their wines are serious, but they stay well under the radar. Making tiny quantities of wine, like their great Burgundian counterparts, these three masterful estates already have a messianic following, but in spite of a number of new wineries popping up in this region over the last decade or so, no one else has reached those heights apart from Mountford.

This incredible estate is set to rock the palates of the wine cognoscenti. Berry Bros (tel 0800-280 2440) has the 2007 vintage and has the 2005 and 2006 vintage, apparently, so you could conceivably assemble a mini-vertical tasting and see for yourself just how beautiful and full of vitality and class CP Lin’s wines are. I visited him in February and tasted a massive line up of bottles and every single one was utterly captivating. There are very few wineries which have yet to be ‘discovered’ these days, particularly in the pinot noir field (the most difficult and sensitive of all), but I can say for certain that Mountford is teetering on the edge of superstardom.”

Wow, that is lovely to read. Here at Mountford we have a cellar door by appointment (email us at or call us on 03-314 6199 to arrange an appointment) and for trade we now have Dhall and Nash Fine Wines on board as our distributors.


About mountfordestate

A boutique vineyard and winery set on a hillside in a stunning park-like environment in the Waipara region of Canterbury New Zealand. Established in 1991 plantings include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. CP Lin's elegant, stylish, and unforgettable burgandian style wines have an international following.
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