Ruby Red Wine Tasting and CP Meet and Greet

Ruby Red is having a wine tasting this month with CP. Here is the link to their website and the details. Just in case the link breaks here are the details below:
Mountford Estate Tasting – Meet winemaker CP Lin

If you attend only one Ruby Red tasting this year, then this is the one to come to. Join us in our underground cellar on Saturday 27th June and taste the six wines produced by one of New Zealand’s most prestigious boutique wineries, Mountford Estate. The winery has low yields and a very small production – about 1 to 1.75 tons per acre or only around 2000 cases per year – and finding a bottle to try can be extremely difficult. We not only have secured some wine for the tasting, but we have the winemaker and current owner Kathryn Ryan too!

Since the second 1998 vintage, the winemaker has been CP Lin. He believes “the art of winemaking is to distil the essence of a place and bottle it. A great bottle of wine should make you appreciate the minerals in the vineyard’s soil, smell the air or the mushrooms that grow there, hear cow bells, think about the literature and poetry of the place.”

Although blind since the age of 3, C.P. has no problems appreciating quality and has a phenomenal sense of taste. “I have worked very hard with my New Zealand Pinot Noirs to show that wine can achieve a consistently high quality with lots of character rather than just being an alcoholic beverage… We can make Pinot Noir with ripe flavors, rich texture and the right balance, Chardonnay, too.” CP’s winemaking style and philosophy, combined with his humble yet somewhat cheeky personality and above all some of the most highly sought-after New Zealand wines will ensure that this tasting will be one of our most interesting yet. Contact us today to reserve your seat and ensure you don’t miss out!

Price: RMB 120
When: June 27th, Saturday, 2009
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Ruby Red Wine Cellar, No. 41b, Underground Cellar, Tian Shan No. 2 Residential Compound, Zun Yi Road, Shanghai

Contact us today to reserve your place!


About mountfordestate

A boutique vineyard and winery set on a hillside in a stunning park-like environment in the Waipara region of Canterbury New Zealand. Established in 1991 plantings include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. CP Lin's elegant, stylish, and unforgettable burgandian style wines have an international following.
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